“A Clean Planet for all. Impact assessment on the potential implications for our refining system and the link with Refinery 2050”

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“Concawe’s transport and fuel outlook towards the EU 2030 climate targets (baseline and sensitivity analysis)”

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“The optimal vehicle electrification level in a battery-constrained future”

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Post Show Report of 5th Annual LNG USA 2021 event

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Post Show Report of Downstream 4.0 Summit 2021 event

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Past Event Videos

Video Message by Langtry Meyer, Chief Operating Officer, Texas LNG

PANEL – Role of LNG in Decarbonising Energy Sector

Demand Uncertainties Rule Trends And Changes That Shapes The LNG Market DrNing Lin

Understand the significance of a Flag state for LNG and alternative fuels

Investment on future LNG Infrastructure ROI and Capital Efficiency Using a Hub and Spoke Distrib…

AI, Technology and Blockchain for LNG

Trends in Operational Technology

How can EPC Engineering, Procurement and Construction contracts help in ease of business

CASE STUDY – Green by Design” Decarbonizing the LNG Value Chain

Trends around SSLNG

Global Gas Market Perspective and Future Gases

Fireside chat Unlocking the supply chain for LNG

PANEL: Small Scale LNG – Cost Economics and Viability of SSLNG terminals

DI DARQ for LNG Supply Chain Management Ron Brogdon

PANEL – LNG’s Carbon Footprint and incompatibility for net zero future – what’s next?

Global development of the liquid biofuel sector

The Role of Sustainable Liquid Fuels in the Transition to a Climate Neutral Transport

Project BioSFerA: Biofuels production from Syngas FERmentation for aviation and maritime use

Evaluating post 2020 International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) strategy towards 2050 shipping…..

H2, low carbon fuels, bio value chains, circularity

Updates on ReFuelEU Reviews of REDII and e fuels acts

Project SHerLOHCK: development of Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers


Navigating the Downstream Energy Transition

Biofuels and Refining Flexibility

Research and development of low carbon fuels: Energy Saving, Alternative Fuels

Analysis of the European fuel markets in a global context:

Sustainable Shift Towards Zero Emissions Objective

Conversion of Mantova Refinery into a logistic hub

Strategy to produce renewable fuels in co processing with fossil raw materials

An Analysis of the Fuel Markets in Europe

The role of hydrogen in decarbonizing the global energy system

Long Term Vision Towards Emission Neutrality Energy Transition:

Advancing solutions for a lower carbon future

Exploring the pathway towards 2050 climate neutrality targets: “A European Green Deal”